On Being Grateful for Gifts the Earth Gives Freely

“The earth is what we all have in common.” ~ Wendell Berry The other day I stumbled on Timber Hawkeye and his message of embracing gratitude in our everyday lives. His message, while not new in the broad sense of things, resonated because of the quiet conviction with which he delivers it. One of his most powerful statements was about how it’s not about our beliefs, but ultimately, our behavior, that makes us a better person. Since... Read More

Preoccupations and the Great Wall of Disconnect

Experiencing the power, peace and purpose of nature and the universe that we are undeniably a part of requires us to experience it first hand. We cannot experience this via proxy. We cannot get our fill through programs on the TV, words on a page, or images on a screen. We have to touch it, breathe it in, let it surround and consume us. Only then can we experience our deep connection to it. But how many of us find ourselves amidst the comings and... Read More

7 Billion Reasons

Quietly and with modest fanfare, the Earth welcomed its seven billionth human on Monday. And like all who came before this child across the millenia, the Earth surrounded this human with an abundance of life-sustaining gifts: Air to breath, fresh water to drink, and fertile land to grow food. As this child grows, the Earth will continue to selflessly give of itself: Trees for wood to build shelter, stores of fossil fuels for energy and plastics and... Read More

The Ultimate Minimalist Teacher (revisited)

[Editor's Note: This post originally appeared at a guest post at Becoming Minimalist back in September. I revisited it this past week and its message resonated differently. One of the ways of living deeply is to become One with Nature. But to distill it even further, there should be no separation whatsoever between us and natural world. We are Nature and Nature is us. It also struck me that perhaps readers of TNP might not have seen it. It is one... Read More

Making Peace With the Natural World

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.” ~ Wendell Berry Each day, I awake, look up at the rising sun against the treeline and dream of harmony. And as the sun sets its burning self against the canvass of purple-pink clouds and deep blue sky, I dream of lasting balance. A world where all of creation... Read More

Mindful Consumption and “The World We Have”

“We touch the Earth to let go of the idea that we are separate and to remind us that we are the Earth and part of life.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh Is there a silver bullet solution for turning around the Throwaway Culture of Convenience? An elixir of unmatched potency to remedy many of the ills that plague our world? If there is, I think I have found it. It is called Mindful Consumption. Two simple words that convey a deeply profound message and... Read More

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