Roots, Reconciliation and Renewal

“Human health is a sub-system of the Earth health. You cannot have well humans on a sick planet. You cannot have a viable human economy by destroying the Earth economy.” ~ Thomas Berry These last few weeks I have found myself tuned into the world around me more than ever. Part introspection; part retrospection; part back-of-the-envelope ethnography of the culture around me. Observing. Reflecting. Contemplating. Maybe it’s an unconscious... Read More

The Ultimate Minimalist Teacher (revisited)

[Editor's Note: This post originally appeared at a guest post at Becoming Minimalist back in September. I revisited it this past week and its message resonated differently. One of the ways of living deeply is to become One with Nature. But to distill it even further, there should be no separation whatsoever between us and natural world. We are Nature and Nature is us. It also struck me that perhaps readers of TNP might not have seen it. It is one... Read More

Making Peace With the Natural World

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.” ~ Wendell Berry Each day, I awake, look up at the rising sun against the treeline and dream of harmony. And as the sun sets its burning self against the canvass of purple-pink clouds and deep blue sky, I dream of lasting balance. A world where all of creation... Read More

Minimalism, Mindfulness and the Moral Imperative of a New Earth Ethic

“The human venture depends absolutely on this quality of awe and reverence and joy in the Earth and all that lives and grows upon the Earth.” ~ Thomas Berry A number of things have happened over the past week that have me feeling a stronger sense of urgency when it comes to changing the direction of this world. First, as the dust from the mid-term elections (here in the U.S.) continues to settle and the action-reaction rhetoric from all... Read More

Mindful Consumption and “The World We Have”

“We touch the Earth to let go of the idea that we are separate and to remind us that we are the Earth and part of life.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh Is there a silver bullet solution for turning around the Throwaway Culture of Convenience? An elixir of unmatched potency to remedy many of the ills that plague our world? If there is, I think I have found it. It is called Mindful Consumption. Two simple words that convey a deeply profound message and... Read More

Deep Living Digest // 08.21.2010

Editor’s Note: The Deep Living Digest appears (most) every other Saturday at The New Pursuit. It captures and shares some of the best content out there on the intersections of life, nature and being — what this blog is all about. Interested in submitting a link? Please reach out to me on Twitter. Want to get future editions of the Deep Living Digest delivered right to you? Take a few moments to subscribe to The New Pursuit via RSS or email. Many... Read More

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