The Newest Pursuit: Public Office

Long-time readers of The New Pursuit will have undoubtedly noticed that posts here have been fewer and farther between over the last couple of months. This has been for a variety of reasons: Our kids are getting older and are involved in more things as they explore what interests them; work continues to grow in scope and responsibility; and I’ve launched my campaign for public office. Yes, public office. After years of trying to drive change... Read More

Reclaiming the Smallness and Intimacy of Yesteryear

There are moments when you have to take a step back and contemplate what we have lost in the face of what we have (supposedly) gained. The other week I found myself one town over picking up an x-ray at a local medical services building. As is the protocol, I went to the front desk, gave my name and explained what I was there for. The chipper and extremely helpful woman behind the desk said it would be a few minutes, so I went and took a seat amongst... Read More

Five Surefire Ways to NOT Help Your Community Thrive

[Editor's Note: This post originally appeared in the Tiverton/Little Compton Rhode Island Patch, where I've started blogging on redefining the suburban experience as a way to help drive dialogue in my community on issues that I believe are important to our vitality and resilience. Given that you could easily replace Tiverton and Little Compton with your own community, I thought I would share it with everyone. Feel free to view the original and read... Read More

The Ups and Downs of Eating Local (And What You Can Do About It)

Our youngest carries our first two eggs from the coop (Editor’s Note: This is the final post chronicling our two-week 125-mile food challenge. You can read the other posts here. A special thanks goes out to all our friends and family who offered lots of support and encouragement along the way. Food does create community!) On October 1st, our family took on a little two-week challenge to only eat food that had been grown and/or produced within... Read More

Day Five of Our 125-Mile Local Food Challenge

[Editor's Note: This is the latest update on our 125-mile Local Food EcoChallenge through the Northwest Earth Institute. You can read the kick-off post here. To get future updates on our Challenge, feel free to subscribe to The New Pursuit. Thanks.] As I type this, Day 5 of our EcoChallenge is coming to an end. In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s ONLY Day 5, but in other ways, what we’re doing seems so right and so natural. The... Read More

Birthdays, World Views and the Game Plan to Bring it All Home

[Editor's Note: This could be the most personal post I've ever written. Forgive the number of "I"s throughout. But it's my hope you might connect with this in some way and use it to help yourself navigate similar hurdles in your life. Transparency and authenticity are important to me.] “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” ~ Buddha Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 37. I was hoping to use this as an occasion to bring... Read More

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