My Writing & Public Speaking

Freelance WritingTestimonial regarding Bill Gerlach's public speaking from a public school teacher

When not blogging at The New Pursuit, I am seeking out new freelance writing opportunities on a wide variety of topics – from sustainability to simple living to family/parenting to spirituality.

My work is/has been featured in:

  • Becoming Minimalist, one of the leading blogs on minimalism and the minimalist lifestyle. Produced by Joshua Becker.
  •, a non-profit journalism venture focused on original environmental news reporting.
  • Northwest Earth Institute’s Spring 2011 Newsletter
  • Rowdy Kittens, the amazing blog of social change through simple living. Produced by Tammy Strobel.
  • Simple Green Living, a bi-weekly column dedicated to sharing all things related to simple and sustainable living. Published by East Bay Newspapers.
  • Sustainable Sakonnet, a successful local blog aimed at issues of community-level environmental sustainability. Produced by Bill Gerlach.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries for collaboration.

Public Speaking

Connecting with people through the spoken word is something I thrive on. I aim to share and inspire others to learn and take action – in their own lives and in the world around them.

If you are looking for a dynamic and passionate speaker for your next gathering or event, I would love to work with you. Some sample topics for presentations include:

  • Reconnecting with your life through nature
  • Raising kids in a material world
  • Exploring the value and joy of living simply or deeply
  • Balancing the demands of life, work and family

Feel free to contact me and we can explore what will benefit your audience the most.

Recent Speaking Engagements