Four Big Reasons Smartphones Aren’t Making Us Smarter

Next time you’re out and about in public, try this simple observation “experiment”: Look at all the people around you. How many are head down in some sort of mobile device? How many are tapping and scrolling and thumb-typing away feverishly, tuned out from everything else around them? The more I look around the more I see people connected and “plugged in”... Read More

The Growing Desperation of the Consumer Machine

“A shopping cart flipped upside down forms a cage that I use to protect myself from consumerism.” ~ Jarod Kintz We were just sitting down to dinner. Friends of ours, stopping by for an impromptu visit decided to stay. The kids (all five across our two families) were settled in to their chairs as we brought out the homemade burritos and guacamole, cups of chocolate milk and a... Read More

From Bettering Ourselves to Bettering Our World: Permission to Take a Stand for Something

Editor’s Note: This post is inspired in part by an email exchange I’ve had over the past week with Lynn Fang of Upcycled Love. If you’re not reading her work, I highly recommend checking it out. Powerful and inspiring. At some point in this Great Change that so much of the blogosphere is concerned with, the person sitting in front of the screen has to turn their attention... Read More

Why I Threw Away $40,000 (Or a Lesson In the “Just In Case Syndrome”)

“Our primary identity has become that of consumer, not mothers, teachers, farmers, but consumers. The primary way that our value is measured and demonstrated is by how much we contribute to this arrow, how much we consume.” ~ Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff Since the spring I’ve been on another purge spree — taking a look around and figuring out what I... Read More

Five Simple Ways to Make This Back-to-School Season a Bit Greener (and Cheaper!)

[Editor's Note: These last few weeks have turned into a bit of an impromptu digital sabbatical as I focus on other things. You know what? It's been nice being away from the screen. As the season starts to wind down, I hope you too can find time to unplug, get outside and enjoy what the world has to offer. Perhaps you can curl up with my new e-book to help you slow down and shift... Read More

16 Simple Ways to Practice Mindful Consumption in a Hyper-Consumer World

“Mindful consumption is the way to heal ourselves and to heal the world.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh For some time now, I’ve been talking about mindful consumption as a pathway for living deeply and restoring our balance with the natural world. But practically speaking, where do you start? What do you do? How do practice something that sounds great in concept but challenging... Read More