The New Pursuit explores the intersections of Life, Nature, Being and Community as a means for living deeply each day.

It is about answering the call for a new way of living our lives each and every day. One that embraces that simple balance point between our lives and the life of this little planet we call home.

As humans, our priorities have been skewed. We have lost sight of what true happiness is and can bring, succumbing to a lifestyle that is unsustainable, unhealthy, and so disconnected from the natural world that we have resorted to “saving” it. We have found false solace in the material while being dominated by its pursuit.

This blog is about changing that. With each post you can expect a fresh perspective, ideas to ponder and practical steps to living your life deeply.

Some of our guideposts include deep ecology, minimalism, interbeing, mindfulness and simple(r) living. Keeping it connected is everything from parenting to community building. Check out the Start Here page for a flavor of what you can expect.

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About the Author

Bill GerlachThanks everyone for stopping through. I am Bill Gerlach and like many of you juggle family, work, and life.

As a parent of three young kids, I feel a deep responsibility to leave them a world that is prosperous, not perilous. As a human, I can no longer stand back and watch us fall farther from our connection with the natural world.

As a writer and public speaker, I enjoy using the written and spoken word to connect, share, learn and inspire.

Feel free t0 contact me with comments, questions or inquiries regarding writing or speaking engagements. You can also follow me on Twitter.