Six Bloggers That Move Me (And Can Move You Too)

Cairn on a beach in Middletown

Some of the more amazing things that have happened since starting The New Pursuit almost two years ago are the fellow bloggers that I’ve had the privilege of meeting and following. The diversity of thought and word that has trickled across my screen — whether via blogs, e-books or emails has been eye-opening, inspiring and down-right soul-soaring at times.

And while I may question from time to time the positive and negative benefits of a world so steeped in technology and connectedness, it is difficult to deny the value of its role in introducing me to and sustaining these new-found friendships. Kindred spirits brought together across the vastness of the miles that separate us by the digital bridge that is the Internet. Common causes that find camaraderie and support through a click here and a keystroke there. Seeds of compassion and peace planted far and wide and nurtured through the written and spoken word. It’s amazing.

With that, I wanted to share some of the people and their work that have moved me over the past couple of years — and I believe, can move you too. I hope you’ll find a quiet moment to reach out and explore what they have to offer.

  • Raam Dev ( — Raam’s quiet wisdom is hard to deny. For someone who has traveled the world over, expressing his inner nomad and allowing his experiences to bring forth simple and profound insights about the human experience, he is able to connect with his readers in such an everyday way. I’ve had the good fortune of creating an annual face-to-face get-together at the Cambridge Brew Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where we trade stories, perspectives, and a few good laughs over some local brews. In addition to his thoughts and essays, Raam recently launched his Journal project, with 25% of the revenue generated being donated to charity.
  • Lynn Fang (Upcycled Love) — I can’t remember exactly when our paths crossed, but connecting with Lynn has been nothing short of fantastic. Her writing is informative as much as it is inspirational. Pulling from a mix of personal and professional experiences (she’s a biologist by training), Lynn has forged a deep connection with the Earth and all who call it home — and is now helping others do the same. From her amazing weekly letter series, “Embracing the Shift” to her new virtual how-to course on The Art & Science of Urban Composting, Lynn is truly doing her part to lead — as she calls it — the “conscious transformation”.
  • Christopher Foster (The Happy Seeker) — Chris is redefining who and what a blogger is. At just about 80 (his birthday is right around the corner), his writing pulls from a lifetime of wisdom-building experiences. From WWII England to living in a spiritual community for 35 years to his time as a journalist, Chris’s stories are like turning the pages of a well-worn novel — moving, comforting, familiar, yet gripping. Speaking of novels, Chris is releasing is his novel “The Raven Who Spoke With God” in Kindle version shortly and as a special thanks to readers has made it available as a FREE download from Amazon on April  6 – 8. Read more about that here.
  • Harry Johnson (The Flotsam Diaries) — Harry is one of these people that saw a problem and took the logical next step of rolling up his sleeves to tackle it. The Saco, Maine native has been chronicling his efforts to pick up, document, categorize and chart over 8,000 pieces of trash and debris from the beaches near his home — all in an effort to raise awareness of the horrendous problem of trash and plastics in our oceans and waterways. As a fellow beach-goer myself (our family always brings a bag to collect the trash), Harry’s work hit home in a big way. His effort just goes to show just how much one person CAN do to bring about positive change.
  • Robb Kloss (Musings from Aotearoa) — I discovered Robb through the wonderful writer and blogger, Robin Easton. As he puts it, he’s “an American by birth, Kiwi by choice” and his writing is all the more better for it. An avid backpacker and outdoorsman, Robb chronicles his journey through the mountains of New Zealand and life as a husband, father and friend. His vivid descriptions and details of the New Zealand landscape — and pictures to capture the moment — are nothing short of awe inspiring. It’s like you’re there right along him.
  • Kristy Powell (One Dress Protest) — Would you wear the same dress (and nothing else) for an entire year? That’s exactly what Kristy did as a small and quiet protest to some of the powers around her — from the link between clothing and identity to rampant consumerism to ecological sustainability. Although her “fast from fashion” concluded this past January, her words and experiences continue to inspire — and are well worth the time of trolling through her archives.

What are some of the writers and bloggers that inspire you?

Be well,

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One Response to “Six Bloggers That Move Me (And Can Move You Too)”
  1. Robb says:

    Kia ora Bill,
    I am humbled by your mention of my place here. I was discussing the other day with my wife and a good friend of hers the whole concept of social media, and in particular blogging as she is starting her own place in regards to indigenous issues. I said to her that I started my own merely as a way to communicate to my family and a few friends back home of what I was up to over here on the other side of the world. The fact other like minded people began to find me, and I them, was just a great Gift. And that has given me the courage to continue and find that my love of the mountains, and in particular the Ruahine, has given me a platform to address many other issues wrapped around that love. What a great discovery! I have had the pleasure of meeting in person quite a few blogger friends as they have passed through, and one memorable night in Christchurch a few years ago at a barbeque were 6 of us, along with other authors, mountaineers, polar adventurers, photographers ect.. I felt slightly out of place until these people talked with me about my place with great enthusiasm and feed back. The man who hosted that gathering was Bob Mc Kerrow, a renowned Kiwi mountaineer and adventurer whose blog inspired me, and still does. Bob is now a humanitarian worker for the Red Cross and lives in Singapore, and recently completed an 8 year assignment rebuilding homes and lives in Aceh from the tsunami. Other places I find inspirational are Robin’s as you mention, and though I have never met her personally feel a strong connection to. There are so many blogs I take inspiration from, and learn about writing, including your own. Two years is far longer than most, which tend to peter out after a few posts so well done. I have been a bit silent lately, but have a mountain trips lined up soon. And off this very moment to take my youngest boy and his cousin into the mountains for a short but cool day walk. Kia kaha Bill, and kia ora for the kind words, and also a few new places to check out.