Meditation: Deep Gratitude

[Note: Each Monday at The New Pursuit is Meditation Monday. A simple thought to help you approach the week, keep perspective right and support you in living deeply each day. Enjoy other meditations here.]

Bluebells trees, jasontheaker, gratitudeFor the Sun who rises without fail
For the Cloud who brings forth the rain
For the Soil whose bounty sustains
For the Oceans from where it all began
For the Wildness whose multitude brings balance

For the Breath that keeps us in the moment
For the Love between two
For the Smile given unconditionally from a child
For the Friendship that flourishes

For the Mind that seeks oneness
For the Thought that does not harm
For the Energy that flows through it all

For the Possibilities of this day
For the Moment in which happiness lies

For the Life that binds One to All

This week, strive to reconnect with the Lost Art of Gratitude. It is not a thing to be bought or sold. Deep gratitude is immaterial and grounds us in simple joy.

There is so much around us to be thankful for. Find and embrace that. Let it sustain you.

Be well,


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