Meditation: The Power of One

[Note: Each Monday at The New Pursuit is Meditation Monday. A simple thought to help you approach the week, keep perspective right and support you in living deeply each day. Enjoy other meditations here.]

one tree in the autumn mist, Power of One, deep living, living deeply, ecobeingOne universe allows all being
One sun gives its life-sustaining energy
One moon pulls the great oceans
One planet gives birth to all that we know
One infinitely blue sky holds the breath of life
One cloud sheds life or blows it away
One mountain wields awe and magnificence
One tree gives of itself to create a forest
One drop of water quenches a thirst

One mind envisions the future
One thought plants the seed of change
One body carries it through
One voice spreads the message
One hand reaches out to help another
One embrace invokes the Universal Love

This week, be mindful of the power of one. Connect with it. Allow it to nurture you and your journey – whatever it is.


[Image: _marmota]


4 Responses to “Meditation: The Power of One”
  1. mark says:

    Let me just say that I love the pictures you use for these posts. Really amazing & perfect for the calm words.

    Have a great day Bill!

  2. Bill Gerlach says:

    Thanks, Mark. I love the process of finding just that right image. There are so many amazing photographers and artists to choose from out at flickr. Thanks for stopping by. Be well.

  3. Tom Over says:

    So, it seems that using tags on a blog can help the blogger connect with others. Thanks for your comments Bill.

    Tom Over

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