Meditation: The Compass of Our Life

[Note: Each Monday at The New Pursuit is Meditation Monday. A simple thought to help you approach the week, keep perspective right and support you in living deeply each day. Enjoy other meditations here.]

Long exposure of Polaris, the North Star, compass, deep livingEach of us has set a course in Life.

Up to now, the direction has led us to this very moment. Our internal compass has guided our morals, our actions, our very purpose for being.

But what have we tuned our compass to — True North or Magnetic North?

The needle—our being—wants to follow Magnetic North where the pull of the Popular Path is strongest. Where the crowd goes. Where our culture, blinded by unchecked consumption and want of the insatiable More, bulldozers its trail through the heart of the pristine landscape. The strength of the pull ebbs and flows depending on where you are. But the pull is always there.

True North sets our sights on a path that does not waiver. Guided by Polaris, the North Star, we are aware of things bigger than we are and our place within it. We are not pulled to follow the masses. Instead we adjust our bearing on that fixed point of Life and set a course for True Harmony.

This week, be aware of where your compass is pointing you. What are your guideposts that mark this path? How well worn is the trail by the footsteps of the masses? Remember, it is never too late to adjust your course, change direction and come Home.

Be well,

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4 Responses to “Meditation: The Compass of Our Life”
  1. Daisy says:

    Ah, I am adjusting course late in life after having followed that magnetic pull. The difficulty I face is that, while I realized I was discontent on my previous path, I am not clear on how to find the new, truer path for myself.

  2. Debbie says:

    My feelings exactly Daisy! Not to mention it is scary!! I keep hoping by searching and staying open, it will become clear!

  3. Bill Gerlach says:

    Daisy + Debbie // Change is always tough. But the end result can be awesome. Begin the path slowly. Take small steps and feel it out. Feel what is right and what is not-so-right. I think three simple steps can start you off: 1) Begin to shed things from your life (thoughts, things, commitments, etc.) that you deem as no longer necessary; 2) Take 15 minutes each day to practice being mindful of the moment; and 3) Find an opportunity once a day to spend time outside with Nature. Awareness of your truer path will begin to show itself.

    Finding others who are on the same path can be extremely helpful too (like right here!).

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Together we can all get there. Be well!

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